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Environmental Commitment

We believe our plant products beautify and enhance the world around us. We grow them responsibly, with a caring-for-the-land attitude. We're proud that our growing practices are in line with the protection and preservation of the environment we seek to beautify with the products we grow.



We are proud to have a over 5 acres of our growing facility certified organic. Learn more about the certification process


Water Practices

We use a combination of natural water filters and modern water treatment methods to recycle water at each of our growing facilities. This is done through the use of “scrubber” plants that take out some of the toxins in irrigation water to be used by the plants as energy to grow. A series of canals and sediment basins allow even storm water run-off to be clear and free of debris. This water filtration system allows us to recycle all unused water.

Water Management

A variety of water efficient systems are in place to reduce overall water consumption. One of these systems is drip irrigation. Drip irrigation uses small tubes inserted directly into the soil of each plant so little runoff is produced and the effects of evaporation are minimized. Overhead irrigation is accomplished through the use of a moving water boom. The water boom places water and fertilizer directly on the plants avoiding the wasteful overspray of conventional sprinkler systems.

Natural Edibles

All of the herbs and vegetables are grown pesticide free and are now grown in bio degradable containers to reduce packaging waste. Armstrong now has over 5 acres of USDA certified organic growing areas.

Innovative Growing

We pioneered a new pot-less growing system that is being used for landscape installation. The pot-less growing systems eliminate the use of plastic that would end up in landfills.

Greenhouse Efficiency

Our greenhouses have been designed to maximize sun exposure and natural air flow to regulate the greenhouse temperature. This passive ventilation of the greenhouses eliminates the need for water-wasting cooling pads and large energy-consuming fans. This natural growing method tends to make our plants stronger.


To reduce volume in our local landfills we turn the plants we do not sell and trimmings into organic compost to be used in our soil for new plants.