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Peace of Mind Advantage

Armstrong Growers Peace of MindArmstrong understands the best control strategies, including fertilizers and pesticides, need to be well-informed decisions. If the correct controls are not chosen, the disease or deficiency will not be controlled or corrected with obvious losses in the number of useable plants, plant quality, fertilizer, water, pesticides and labor. Each of these losses translates directly into increased expense in caring for the installation. Finally, if you are not sure what the pest or disease is and you apply a chemical that does not work you may cause further damage.

We want you to have peace of mind.
Armstrong offers diagnostic services from two of the best companies in the industry. As a regular seasonal change out customer, we will pay for your test and if needed offer onsite expert analysis from our many industry partners.

Chase Horticultural Research
Chase Horticultural Research, Inc. is a private research operation dedicated to developing information for the ornamental industry throughout the United States. The main activity of Chase Horticultural Research is product evaluation including biological, chemical and physical aspects of ornamental plant production and utilization.

Chase Horticultural Research offers their diagnostic lab to greenhouse growers, nurseries and landscapers to better serve the US. Diagnostics for fungal, bacterial, phytotoxicity and environmental problems. Chase Horticultural Research completes most diagnoses within 1 week of sample receipt and includes practical, customized solutions.

In addition to diagnostic services, Chase Horticultural Research offers, Chase News, a monthly newsletter subscription service with educational articles, up-to-date research trials on ornamental diseases, industry news and meeting highlights.

For more information about Chase Horticultural Research visit http://www.chasehorticulturalresearch.com/

Soil and Plant Lab
Soil and Plant Laboratory, Inc.provides timely and innovative solutions to our customers to improve production of their crops and/or products. They continue to expand their analytical, consulting and diagnostic services to
meet industry needs.

For more information about Soil and Plant Laboratory, Inc. visit http://www.soilandplantlaboratory.com/

Available Peace of Mind Services

Soil Analysis
• Basic fertility package. pH, salinity, sodium and the five soluble and exchangeable major nutrients.

Leaf Tissue Analysis
• Total major and micronutrients

Water Analysis
• Irrigation suitability. Major and micronutrients, pH, pHc, conductivity, bicarbonate, molybdenum, aluminum and fluoride.


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