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The Earth-Friendly Growing Advantage

Armstrong Growers Organic Production FacilitesWe believe our plant products beautify and enhance the world around us. We grow them responsibly, with a caring-for-the-land attitude. We’re proud that our growing practices are in line with the protection and preservation of the environment we seek to beautify with the products we grow. We have consistently been well ahead of environmental laws and work closely with our local cities to ensure we are fully compliant.

Understanding the market needs and importance of organic growing methods for edible plants we are now proud to have over 5 acres in USDA certified organic crops.

Over the years we have made improvements to our production facilities that insure quality and timing. Often we are the first to try new growing techniques. Flood tables, robotic planting lines, water booms, greenhouses that catch the air and funnel it over the plants for toning, anything that helps our plants perform better, we try.

One visit to our growing sites and you will understand our commitment to excellence.


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