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The “Handshake” Contract Advantage

Armstrong Growers Handshake Contract GrowArmstrong Growers is routinely the first to market with bedding plant improvements. We work closely with breeders and are allowed to test plants early in our gardens. These new or improved varieties are often in short supply in the beginning, so we offer them to our contract grow customers first.

While other growers are stocking older genetics in large quantities of basic colors, we prefer to grow to order the right plant in a custom color scheme for your property. The majority of our customers find this to be the best way to get the top performing varieties our industry has to offer in the colors that make the property or display stand out from all the others.

The “Handshake Contract Grow” starts with our sales team. Through the year, they are exposed to the results of our field tests for landscape performance. Armed with this knowledge, they will recommend the best possible solution for the look you desire. Once the variety and numbers are agreed on, we in good faith take this as a series of orders and delivery dates: The Handshake.

In the course of growing this “contract” we are at the mercy of the seed and cuttings supply chain, weather, insects, diseases and our grower’s best educated guess on how to react to each situation that comes our way. It’s what we do for a living.

Our track record in producing on-time, quality product is exceptionally high. The customer’s understanding of this process is important for the agreement to be fulfilled. Our sales team will inform you if we are early, slightly behind or way off track. If that rare crop failure takes place we will search for and buy in the plants at our cost.

On the other hand, we also understand your client may change the timing, or your previous install is lasting longer, tempting you to postpone the planting. If things change, we will do our best to hold the product, replace or substitute from other crops and if necessary cancel the agreement. We never force you to take the contract grow.

Armstrong Growers will do everything possible to make sure your seasonal change outs go according to plan. We have a long list of satisfied customers that find this working relationship to be the best experience they have had.

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