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The Three Climate Advantage

Armstrong Growers Three Climate Advantage - Inland, Desert, CostalWhen Armstrong Growers decided to serve customers in California, Nevada and Arizona we had to make sure we could handle the diverse climates and seasonal selling times for what is certainly the most complex group of climates in the country. We chose our three growing facilities to compose the perfect growing triangle.

The uniqueness of each Armstrong growing facility allows us to grow plants in the right seasonal environment to make sure they meet Armstrong’s high value horticulture standards. After plants make it through our field tests they are placed into production at the facility that meets their optimal growing conditions.


Growing for Two Springs

The traditional busy spring season for California and mountain climates is February through May. Our first crops are planted in the sunny winters of our desert facility to hit the call of spring for these customers. Later crops are planted in the coastal and inland facilities to continue supplying the rush through summer.

Busy “spring” for the desert is in October and November. Plants for this climate need to be grown through the hot days of summer. First crops of pansy, geranium and snapdragons are grown along the coast to hit the first planting dates for resorts and retail demand. Desert only growers nurse their crops through the heat in greenhouses while our plants
are grown outside in the sun fully hardened off and on time.

Our desert facility is the main producer of crops for the desert market in traditional spring and summer. Desert grown acclimatized plants are minutes away from Palm Desert and only 5 hours away from Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Armstrong Growers Fallbrook location


The Most Diverse Region in the Country

Desert Southwest
This hot, dry, cold and windy area needs hardy plants that bloom before the traditional season officially hits. For summer in the desert we conduct “toast tests” at our desert growing facility to ensure our plants can withstand this climate of extremes.

Hardy plants that can withstand the cold are a must for this snowy region. In addition to our extensive line of perennials we can extend our cool season bedding crops by growing them along the coast of Southern California.

Coastal Valleys and Beaches
The plant possibilities in this easy-living climate are nearly endless. We have thousands of plants that will flourish in this environment.

Inland Valleys
This somewhat variable growing environment can include intense heat and frost. From Riverside to Sacramento, we know your needs.

Bay Area
This region resembles the coastal valleys but has more moisture with a shorter retail selling season. We utilize all three facilities to insure quality and seasonal timing for this area.


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