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Featured Plants

Learn more about some of our most unique and popular plants grown locally.

  • Dianella “Blue Ghost”

    This is most flowering Dianella available. A waterwise choice with evergreen, medium textured, straplike leaves.

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  • Begonia Solenia

    Solenia series is a cross between a tuberous begonia and a wax begonia. Its a mildew resistant variety that can take full sun.

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  • Anigozanthos Joe Joe

    Kangaroo paw is an easily-grown evergreen perennial for mild-winter California gardens.

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  • Heuchera

    Heuchera are all American. Literally, different species hail from the islands off the California coast to the highest mountains in the Rockies to the Gulf of Mexico, with this diverse range of habit.

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  • Bloomers for California, Arizona, and Nevada

    Our concept is to provide plants from our vast selection, that do well in your area - California, Arizona and Nevada.

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  • Clivia miniata Cape Town Series™

    Add drama to the shade garden with the Clivia Cape Town Series™

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  • Hydrangea macrophylla Double Delights™

    Get summer long color with huge, reblooming flowers with the Hydrangea Double Delights™ Collection.

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