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Anigozanthos Joe Joe

Anigozanthos Joe Joe OrangeKangaroo paw is an easily-grown evergreen perennial for mild-winter California gardens. Anigozanthos Joe Joe is a striking compact variety that enjoys full sun. Bright tuffs of fuzzy red, orange or yellow flowers appear continuously atop thin stems from late spring until fall. Its dwarf stature makes it suitable for the front of the flower bed or planted in drifts for waves of dazzling color. Lower height also makes it excellent for containers. Attracts butterflies and birds.

Once established this plant requires little water and is not a heavy feeder. Cutting stems of spent blooms to ground level promotes vigorous blooming throughout the season. Care should be exercised that the new emerging leaf fans are not damaged.


Anigozanthos Joe Joe RedExposure: Plant in full sun

Mature size: 15- to 24-inches tall, 12- to 24-inches wide

Bloom period: Spring through Fall

Water requirements: Moderate water, drought tolerant once established. Likes well drained soil.

Usage: Rock Gardens, containers, beds

Growing tips: Fertilize in spring, not heavily and keep (P) phosphorus on the low side. Post flowering, cut back to 4 inches in late winter to remove old dead foliage and make room for new spring growth.



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