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Begonia Solenia

Hiemalis begonias have been a popular semi-shade basket plant for many years. Now, breeding break-throughs, such as the Solenia series a cross between a tuberous begonia and a wax begonia. Its a mildew resistant variety that can take full sun. Bright, 3inch fully double flowers are self cleaning and require no deadheading.

Begonia SoleniaExtremely versatile, the Solenia begonias, performs in bedding situations, as well as mixed containers. They will produce blankets of blooms in all but the most extremely hot regions. Unique branching habit means no toppling or snapping. Additionally, Solenia begonias are more wind resistant than other begonias, and much more drought resistant than New Guinea impatiens. Their branching habit also keeps them from becoming top heavy and breaking.

Landscape uses: In hanging baskets or spilling over a wall the bright flower colors; red, dark pink, rose or coral, will draw attention in any application. This vigorous grower with a mounding habit also makes it a great annual bedding plant. Its medium texture blends nicely with the other plants. Or create contrast with companion plants of varying textures and leaf sizes.

Exposure: Plant in Sheltered full sun or part shade

Mature size: 10 - 12 inches tall, 18 - 24 inches wide

Bloom period:
Spring through Fall


Water requirements:
They prefer evenly moist well drained soil and will die in standing water. Consider applying a thick layer of mulch around the root zone to conserve soil moisture.

Growing tips:
Hiemalis begonias have good pest and disease tolerance, including resistance to powdery mildew. They are not particular as to soil pH, but grow best in rich soil. Avoid splashing water on the leaves or water early in the morning so wet leaves dry during the day.


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