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Bloomers for California, Arizona, and Nevada

By far our most extensive line of plants, Bloomers are the best of the best from breeders in all corners of the globe. Our concept is to provide plants from our vast selection, that do well in your area -  California, Arizona and Nevada. Bloomers are the top of the line Sunpatiens, Bacopa, Million Bells and Verbenas and more - that flower all through your season. If you need centerpieces in containers or high energy landscape performers, we have hundreds to choose from.

Below are some of our unique varieties. Please see our availability list for a complete selection.


kangaroo paw orangeAnigozanthos These unique flowering shrubs add drama to the mixed border. With a low water requirement and long bloom season, they are true performers. Along with most all the common varieties, Armstrong Growers now has the Anigozanthos JOEJOE Series. These are a compact grower with great flower power in colors that range from red, orange to yellow. Finished height is 12 to 15 inches.







lavandula angustifolia lavender ladyLavandula For easy maintenance and full sun locations, lavenders can tolerate many growing conditions. They thrive in warm, well drained soils and are extremely drought resistant once established.  Most fit in well in a mixed bed or planted in drifts. We offer many varieties, in all heights but Lavender Lady has a compact habit with blue-lavender flowers that bloom all summer.







SALVIA nemorosa SwiftyT  SeriesSalvias A hummingbird’s delight, salvias represent one of the largest genus of the mint family – with over 9000 species. Blooms early spring to early winter, but some flower year-round. Heights range from 12 inches to large shrubs 40 inches tall and wide. Flowers are arranged in spires and come in tones of blue, purple, cerise, red, pink, white, yellow and orange. Salvia Swifty has better branching than other salvia as well as more flower spikes per plant. This drought tolerant perennial has violet flower spikes in the summer.



Dalias The Dahlinova’s are well branched, medium sized plants with attractive foliage, and uniform habit. Medium sized, well shaped flowers blooming spring to fall.  Colors range from deep crimson to pink, white and yellow. Especially impressive are the all new unique bi-colored varieties. They work well as a single variety planted en masse or shorter varieties can be planted in a mixed border.


osteospermum white lightning

Osteospermum  The new ‘White Lightning’ spring daisy can grow in any climate. It is a beautiful, traditional white daisy flower that tolerates heat, rain and cold for three-season shelf life. It has a very similar habit and performance to Osteospermum ‘Voltage Yellow’ - 14 inches high and 24 inches wide.






SuperCalPetunias + Calibrachoa  = Heat lover extroidinare. This new hybrid really brightens up the summer border Loads of flowers available in blue, purple, rose and terracotta. The All-Weather Petunia!® SuperCal® with break through inter-generic breeding, combines the best qualities of petunias and calibrachoa into one unique series. Non-sticky foliage, large flowers, healthy vigor and exceptional heat tolerance.



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