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Dianella “Blue Ghost”

This is most flowering Dianella available.  A waterwise choice with evergreen, medium textured, straplike leaves.

Dianella Blue Ghost pictureDianella Blue Ghost can be best described as compact clumping rhizomatous perennial plant.  With stunning foliage that color ranges from light blue-green to blue-green in color. Leaves turn into a fan-like, compact shape, great for commercial or residential garden. Beautiful flowers develop on the ends of wiry stems which rise above the foliage. Expect light blue to dark blue flowers from spring through fall, that after flowering, fruit bodies develop showcasing blue/purple colored berries.

Once established, Dianella Blue Ghost is a great plant that needs little irrigation and can be used as an accent planting or used in mass plantings in minimally irrigated locations. It is a very hardy plant, that loves full sun to partial shade.


Dianella Blue Ghost CropExposure: Plant in Full Sun to Part Shade

Mature size: 14 to 20 inches tall, 16 to 22 inches wide

USDA Hardiness Zone: 8-11

Water requirements: Water regularly until established. Once established requires low water

Growing tips: Very easy to maintain. Minor grooming to remove spent foliage will improve its looks. 


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