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Hydrangea macrophylla Double Delights™

Reblooming Hydrangeas

Get summer long color with huge, reblooming flowers with the Hydrangea Double Delights™ Collection. This collection features fully double blooms with sturdy stems to hold them upright. Exciting colors – green/red, pinks/blues with creamy accents, and variegated pink or blue adorn lush flowers add drama to any landscape or garden. These prolific reblooming plants have soft mounded habits with good resistance to sun scorch. Hydrangea macrophylla is winter hardy to USDA Zone 5 and reportedly have better winter hardiness than many of the other H. macrophylla cultivars. Double Delights are real performers that bloom on both old and new growth. Even if old growth buds are winter damaged, plants still flower in summer on new growth.

Landscape Uses: The Hydrangea Double Delights™ Collection creates dramatic impact in groups or massed in a sheltered location in the shrub border. Plant together to form a nice hedge or use as a specimen or accent for foundations and other locations near homes or patios.

Exposure: Plant in shade but will tolerate full sun if kept consistently moist.

Mature Size: 3 – 4 feet tall 3 – 5 feet wide

Bloom Period: Spring, summer-fall. Deadhead regularly for best repeat performance summer into fall.

Growing Tips: Hydrangeas typically need little pruning. If needed prune out winter-damaged stems in early spring. Plant in spring or fall. For the first year or two after planting and during any drought, be sure to give plenty of water. Leaves will wilt if the soil is too dry.

Problems No serious insect or disease problems. Aphids are occasional visitors. Good resistance to sun scorch.


Featured Double Bloomers

Hydrangea Double Delights PistachioPistachio – also called ‘Horwack’ – This flower you have to see to believe. It is a very unusual multi-colored flower that has magenta/red and green florets with blue centers. As the bloom ages, the flower color changes. The plant gets 2 – 3 feet tall and 3 – 5 feet wide and is hardy in Zones 5 – 9.








Hydrangea Double Delights Wedding RingWedding Ring – A stunning variegated hydrangea. It can be pink and white or blue and white depending on the soil acidity. The mophead flowers are large (to 7” diam.) and variegated and the plant matures to 3 feet tall and 3 – 5 feet wide. Hardy in zones 5 – 9.






Hydrangea Double Delights StargazerStar Gazer – A beautiful lacecap hybrid that features clusters of large flowers. Colors vary from pink to blue with creamy white edges depending on soil acidity. Plant this beauty in partial sun. Compact habit requires less pruning, making this a low-maintenance plant. Use as focal point in the shade garden or as a container plant. Grows to 3-4 feet tall and 3 – 5 feet wide. It shows a lot of fight against mildew and is salt-tolerant. Hardy in zones 5 – 9.



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