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Landscape & Maintenance Articles

Expert written articles related to the landscape & maintenance industry. 

  • A Lawn That Drinks Responsibly - UC Verde Buffalo Grass

    Is there a grass native to the U.S. that uses less water, needs less mowing, requires very little fertilizer or pesticides, yet still looks like a lawn? The answer is yes!

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  • Taking Plants To New Heights

    Vertical gardens, living walls, green roofs or whatever you call them, they are a fast growing idea that is eco-friendly.

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  • Shouts Performance: Voltage Yellow Osteospermum

    It’s the first osteo in bloom and the last out of bloom. When spring landscapes are craving bright color the most, this unique yellow variety from Ball Floraplant will stop traffic.

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  • SunPatiens

    At first glance, SunPatiens are superficially similar to New Guinea Impatiens – but that is where the similarities end.

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  • Trailing Through Winter

    Those familiar with Suntory’s collection know the incredible flower power created from their vigorous trailing habit.

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  • Fall Into The Lure Of Cyclamen

    Who hasn’t heard of cyclamen? It’s beautiful foliage comes out of a funny looking bulb-type structure.

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  • Move Alyssum The Princess Arrived

    A breakthrough in the lobularia genus, ‘Snow Princess’ offers heat tolerance and extended season performance you won’t find in alyssum.

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  • Spring To Fall: Drakensberg Daisies

    PETER AMBROSIUS from the little town of Marbach in the hills of Southern Germany had been breeding gerberas all his professional life.

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  • The Cora Vinca Story

    Imagine that you are a plant breeder searching the globe for the unique, the undiscovered, the potentially revolutionary plant….and then, you find it!

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  • Trees = Money

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