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Fall Into The Lure Of Cyclamen

Who hasn’t heard of cyclamen? It’s beautiful foliage comes out of a funny
looking bulb-type structure. That structure is actually a tuber and if you haven’t seen some of the newer varieties you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how these plants look.

'Winter Ice'
Goldsmith introduced a stunning new variety ‘Winter Ice’. Available in early Winter if you choose only one cyclamen variety, choose ‘Winter Ice’. Its distinct silver patterning on its larger leaf sets it apart. Put into a drift to get people talking for hours. Be creative with some fall branching and winter ideas to make this plant provide you a cool, classic look. These will lend themselves well to an outdoor display at a mall, nursery, or at the house.

Cyclamen Galor
Expect plenty of other 4” and 6” cyclamen on our availability including sierras from Goldsmith. Sierras are standard cyclamen with a very uniform blooming window were they also color up. You’ll also find smaller intermediates in our 4” line such as latinias, sterlings, and frou frou mix.

Cyclamen perform well in our southwest climate. They prefer well-drained soil with filtered sun. Don’t keep them soggy or place them in dense shade. Little fertilizer is needed to get stunning, long-lasting blooms.