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At first glance, SunPatiens are superficially similar to New Guinea Impatiens –
but that is where the similarities end. By introducing new, heat-tolerant species into saplines of this crop, breeders at Sakata in Japan were able to create a line of impatiens that not only tolerates full sun and heat – they actually thrive on it. With unsurpassed vigor and disease resistance, they outperform most other plants in a garden or container setting, under a wide range of climatic conditions. Their strong root growth ensures that they can draw moisture from deeper soil levels, and their self-cleaning habit means that they always look great in the garden or the landscape – right up to hard frost.

SunPatiens come in three forms: vigorous, spreading and compact. This allows for a broad range of applications such as:
• Containers
• Window boxes
• Baskets
• Borders
• Large-scale landscaping projects

Plant in full sun, partial shade and even shade, under both hot and cooler conditions. SunPatiens can take it all.