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Taking Plants To New Heights

Vertical gardens, living walls, green roofs or whatever you
call them, they are a fast growing idea that is eco-friendly.
If enough are planted they can help reduce the heat island effect in cities. Regardless where you stand on the climate change issue, these new ways of showing off horticulture are utterly amazing.

Endless Possibilities
A quick search on the web yields incredible works of art on walls of multi-story buildings, expansive rooftops, veggie gardens that seem to defy gravity, to small picture frames of green art hanging in the average home.

It's Simple
The technology behind going vertical with plants is quite simple.
A specially designed planter has pockets that hold soil in place, in a self-contained modular interlocking tray system that has a drip water line woven through that is fastened to a structure. We have partnered with Bright Green to bring affordable living walls to the retail market. Bright Green is an international leader in living walls and green roofs.

See for Yourself
The living wall sample in our research garden at our San Juan Capistrano growing facility has generated numerous comments that are being incorporated into other living wall structures that are in the works. Currently, we’ve grown a vertical garden with a nice framed look that is ready for the market.

The Future of Living Walls
We hope in the future we will see malls and resorts install living walls for eye catching displays inside and out. Think about a wall of begonias bringing color to a dinning courtyard, or company logos written in plants that can be seen from a distance. Succulents are the perfect plants to design a waterwater textured tapestry of art on any wall.

For more pictures and ideas on living walls visit www.brightgreen.com.