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Trailing Through Winter

Those familiar with Suntory’s Surfinia Petunia, Million Bells Calibrachoa, and
Sun Parasol Mandevilla know the incredible flower power created from their vigorous trailing habit. For those that are unfamiliar with these plants, it is time to try them out. The only thing missing from this lineup of plants was a trailing winter variety to provide color through the cooler months.

Finding and developing a plant that fit this need was not an easy task and the plant breeder of Suntory struggled for many years. Finally, after extensive crossing and trialing, Suntory created a profusely flowing Viola with the trailing vigor of a Petunia. Now the winter-blooming Violina could join the ranks of the Surfinia, Million Bells, and Sun Parasol offering our climate continuous color through the cool season and throughout the spring.

In 2008, after its recent launch into the consumer market, Violina was honored at the Chelsea Flower Show. UK newspapers picked up the story instantly increasing demand and recognition for this dainty bloomer.

Suntory is thrilled with the reception to Violina and they think it is perfect for our climate. From Suntory, “We would like many customers to experience and enjoy the charm of Violina.” We at Armstrong Grower’s would too.