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Life On The Road

It is fascinating to listen to the different stories our truck drivers tell about
their daily routes. From fender bender accidents, traffic jams and at times horrific wrecks on their way to their delivery destination our drivers experience all the jobs of driving. Life on the road is hard, especially runs that take 2-5 day round trips away from home. Our drivers don’t let these obstacles get the best of them and enjoy the perks of driving.

It’s common to hear our long haul drivers describe the miles of beauty they saw while traveling to Utah, Texas and the northern part of Arizona. They drive endless miles where there is nothing but beautiful mountains and expansive landscapes. Some of them call it their “pass thru vacation” while working.

Our drivers take a lot of pride in comments from customers when they see and receive our beautiful plants. They know that they contributed to maintaining the quality of our product and customer service. They come back sharing the positive feedback and always ask where they are going next. They’re always ready for the next assignment.