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ANAWALT- Exceptional Customer Service For Almost A Century

Anawalt Lumber Hardware Nursery is one of the last family owned and
operated lumber companies in Los Angeles. They have strong core values of offering exceptional customer service and they have been servicing their local communities for almost a century. There are very few independent garden centers left in southern California and many may say that Anawalt Lumber is not an independent garden center but rather a home improvement center. With their quality products, exceptional service, experienced management, and beautiful locations they are one of the nicest garden centers you will find in southern California.

We sat down with Julia Kodl, Merchandising Buyer and Dave Schreier, Nursery Manager: Pico from Anawalt Lumber to see exactly how they have achieved success as a garden center on the westside of Los Angeles for 86 years.

Q. In your opinion, how is your nursery unique from the average independent garden center?
A. We offer a much broader selection of hard goods than most garden centers have to offer. We are also a convenient one-stop shop on the Westside that offers everything the customer needs from flowers to plumbing.

Q. What services are offered in your garden center department?
A. Delivery, repotting, consulting, and special orders.

Q. What was the most successful category or item sold this past spring?
A. Edibles, we will expand our offerings for spring 2010 and dedicate more space to vegetables, herbs, and citrus. We have also seen a bigger interest in succulents.

Q. What has been the biggest obstacle in the retail garden center business?
A. The decline in sales, two key factors that contribute this is a large percentage of our customers are commercial and less credit card purchases.

Q. In your opinion what direction do you see the industry going in the next three years?
A. Waterwise plants, with the water restrictions that are taking place along with the lack of water resources we feel that we will be putting a much larger presence of waterwise plants throughout the nursery

Q. What events does Anawalt advertise to attract the attention of your customers?
A. Our annual spring event and tomato tasting with Steve Goto

Q. Anawalt Lumber has three very successful locations. Have you considered adding additional locations?
A. We are considering new locations in the future.

Q. How many employees are dedicated to the garden department?
A. We have seven full time employees and one part time employee in the garden department.