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Bigger, Better, Stronger Mammoth Pansies

Large-flowered pansies have dominated fall through early spring bedding
sales with good reason. Their extra-large flowers create large swatches of jewel-toned color on otherwise bleak winter landscapes. Of course, in the southern climates, there are other colorful bedding plants from which to choose, but pansies remain a gardening and landscape favorite.

Goldsmiths new ‘Mammoth’ series is years in the making and can honestly claim to have “bigger, better, and stronger” flowers. Our spring pansies trials yielded ‘Mammoth’ to be the winner in habit and flower size. Goldsmith’s new ‘Mammoth’ is the most uniform XL-flowered pansy series ever. It’s stretch resistant under warm conditions and strong branching plants quickly fill the pot. Gardeners can count on robust garden performance and large flowers that offer maximum visual impact! Available in eleven colors and a mixture.