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Burpee Home Garden

Burpee is a name known and trusted by generations of gardeners. For more
than 125 years, Burpee has been the go-to source for gardeners looking for the best in reliable classics and innovative new vegetable varieties.

And if nationwide trend forecasts are correct, the time is ripe for home vegetable gardening. Today’s busy gardeners are craving “healthy” and “homegrown” like never before. Herbs and vegetables are becoming the fastest-growing category in the gardening world.

The new Burpee Home Gardens brand is here to help, offering time-tested plants that are ready to grow in your garden today. Bred to grow—and taste—better, the Burpee Home Gardens basket is filled with dozens of easy-to-plant and easy-to-tend long-yielding varieties – perfect for new gardeners.

Why are more gardeners interested in vegetables than ever before?

People are looking for ways to reduce their grocery bills by growing some of their own produce.

The interest in taking better care of our earth continues, and for many people this literally begins in their own backyards. Gardening is good for the planet and for the people who do it!

Eating Locally
More attention is being paid to where food comes from. The 40 feet from the backyard to the table is a lot more appealing to many people than the hundreds of miles many types of produce might travel before ending up on our plates. Also, homegrown produce tends to have better flavor, and comes with a great feeling of pride and accomplishment.

There is a growing movement to teach kids about where their food comes from as schools, communities, and families use gardens as learning labs.

Our Burpee Home Gardens collection is brimming with the vegetables you know and love, such as Burpee’s Sweet Seedless and Fourth of July tomatoes that were only available as seeds before now.

Want more? We offer dozens of tomatoes and peppers, well as other veggie plants, like broccoli, cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin, squash, the list goes on and on.

We choose the best-performing varieties to make sure this family-friendly hobby of home-growing vegetables is more rewarding and enjoyable, keeping home gardeners coming back for more. If the home gardener succeeds in the garden, we succeed.