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From 6 Pack To Color Pack

When you throw your plastic water bottle in the recycling in do you ever
wonder where it goes? What it may become? Well, we have one answer to this question. Your bottle may become one of our colorpacks or 4-packs. Now called the Bottle Pack (from the six plastic bottles that go into every pack), our annual flower packs and vegetable 4-packs are made out of post-consumer recycled grade 1 plastics.

Why is the grade or symbol important? The grade or symbol found on plastics is important to how it is recycled. Grade 1 stands for plastic made from polyethylene terephthalate or PETE. PETE is considered one most reusable or recyclable of the plastics due to its wide range of applications. PETE can become winter coats (fleece anyone?), sleeping bags, and other household items. Since it does have so many uses recyclers always have a market for it and it continually moves through the recycling chain being reused again and again.

Now that our flower (I mean bottle) packs are made from this material, we too can have the grade 1 stamp on the bottom, which allows consumers to put them in their curbside recycling containers after planting. This solves the dilemma often faced by environmentally conscious customers that do not want to add to a landfill when they are adding green and color to the earth.

Recycled, reclaimed, and manufactured locally, our flower and vegetable packs also support local economies.