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Monrovia's Incredible Edibles

Ornamentals provide beauty, but Monrovia’s edible trees, shrubs, vines, and
perennials offer you more, season after season of luscious culinary harvests that will turn your garden into a cornucopia of fresh, nutritious gourmet foods.

Beneficial Blueberries
Best enjoyed fresh from the garden blueberries are filled with beneficial antioxidants and vitamins. The best choices for warmer areas are the Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye Blueberry groups. Best adapted to our low humidity and less winter chilling hours than traditional Blueberry selections. Attractive as a low informal hedge, foundation planting, or within beds and borders. Each plant has a shower of white bell-shaped flowers that transform into an edible blueberry. A nearly evergreen selection is Sunshine Blue Blueberry with its sweet mid to late season berries tucked within deep green foliage.

Tangy Citrus
Citrus has improved disease resistant and a wider choice of plant shapes, in a patio tree, bush or espalier form, assorted fruit colors and flavors, and container sizes, it is easy for Citrus to command a presence. Other opportunities include a heavy fruiting Improved Meyer Lemon, the tangy breakfast treat Redblush Grapefruit, the tangy, sweet deep red juice from a Moro Blood Orange, and exotic dips and drinks are simply divine with a squeeze from a Bearss Seedless Lime. Lacking space, try a Dwarf Campbell Valencia Orange. Need to soften a sea of green within a sunny landscape, consider a Varegated Calamondrin or Variegated Eureka Lemon with its ivory trimmed foliage.

Mediterranean Classics
Besides exceptional drought tolerance, Wonderful Pomegranate is enjoying a rise in popularity for its health benefits. This variety is known for its exceptional juicing potential and tastes great right off the tree. Historians consider Mission Fig as one of the earliest fruiting trees brought to the New World. Recognizable by rich brown fruit against deeply lobed green foliage, it has become a world renowned delicacy. Trees may produce two crops of fruit during the spring and fall. Table grapes, such as Flame Seedless Grapes and Thompson Seedless Grapes, offer not only tasty snack treats, but are useful vines that soften trellises in bright, sunny locations. Attractive red foliage in the fall can showcase a change in seasons.

Bramble Fruit
Celebrate easy success with bramble berries, like raspberries, boysenberries, and blackberries. Enjoy thornless selections, such as Canby Red Raspberry, and Thornless Boysenberry. All are best grown on a trellis or within a row with support that offers a healthy airflow. Indian Summer Raspberry has a higher tolerance for heat, and will bear a larger second fruiting in the fall. Need more berries that you can eat, Black Satin Blackberry is great for inviting wildlife into your landscape. The fall foliage offers a kaleidoscope of reddish hues.

Kiwi Collection
Did you know that Kiwi have more Vitamin C than an orange? Choose a male selection such as Kiwi Vine and plant at least four vines that are a female selection, such as Vincent Kiwi Vine.