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Smart Tags for Smart Phones

With their dizzying array of applications (apps, of course), the use of smart phones has changed the way people communicate, play, and seek information. In response to this phenomenon, retailers can now communicate with smart phone savvy customers by carrying QR barcoding on their products. QR barcodes look like a square box filled with lines, squiggles, or dots. Within this matrix, lies the code that connects customers, via the Internet, to whatever site or information is embedded in the coding.

At Armstrong Growers, we have selected this technology for several of our programs including Organiks, our vegetable and herb line, the Burpee vegetable line, California Bloomers, our specialty annual program, and Mini Accents, our mini-plant program. Scan an Organiks tag and the customer finds themselves taken to a website with variety information, plant care tips, and recipes. Mini Accents and California Bloomers link to website pages with information for the scanned plant genus. Burpee’s QR barcode takes customers to an exclusive gardening website where the customer can get plant information and sign up for the Burpee gardening coach, which provides item specific gardening tips and advice throughout the season.

When you receive our plants this spring, try it out for yourself and make sure to tell your customers to give the barcodes a scan too!