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The Armstrong Grown Poinsettia

At Armstrong Growers we work hard to bring the best Poinsettias to market. The journey from the Poinsettia cuttings to a fully-grown beautiful plant in a landscape or customer’s home is a long one. Here’s how we do it.

We plan for over one million square feet of greenhouse space to grow our Poinsettias. Crop time for each size and variety is meticulously planned so the plants are ready when you need them.

Armstrong Grown Poinsettia Tub

Poinsettia Path

Our cuttings come from Guatemala, where they are grown at the base of two volcanos in special climate controlled greenhouses under the expert care of the world-known Ecke Ranch. Ecke has perfected the art of growing and shipping cuttings. Everyday workers carefully select Armstrong cuttings for air-shipping each night. Strict protocol is followed to ensure the plants are disease free and each procedure is timed and scanned to make sure the cuttings are handled with the utmost care and at the proper temperatures.

Once in California, we place the cuttings in containers with pre-drilled holes in our famous Pindstrup Danish Peat Soil mix. Special misting areas keep the cuttings hydrated while they root in their pots. Our growers use a time-tested method of temperature, light and food to ensure a strong root system that allows us to build the body and shape of the Armstrong Poinsettia slowly. We pinch the growing tip just at the right place to stimulate branching for the container size we are producing. The plants are finally moved to the growing house where they are spaced out in stages while keeping them close enough to ensure the proper V shaped branch structure.


Growing the Poinsettias

Armstrong chooses to slow-grow Poinsettias in cool conditions allowing the plants to tone with passive airflow. Our facilities are located near the ocean and our greenhouses are built to funnel cool air over the crop at optimum times during the day. This step, while more costly, produces a more durable plant. Our growers walk the crop everyday discussing weather conditions and making adjustments to insure high standards.

The final and critical step is shipping the Poinsettias properly. The Armstrong Poinsettia is always shipped in a paper sleeve, this wicks away harmful moisture that builds up during shipping and provides rigid support as the plant makes the journey to you.

We understand your needs vary based on how Poinsettias are used to grow your business during the holiday season. Many customers chose to order Poinsettias as a contract-grow to ensure the correct ship dates as well as product mix.

From our greenhouse to a resort, mall, retail nursery or a holiday party at a fine home, the Armstrong Growers Poinsettia is rooted in quality and excellence.


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