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The Down Under Wonder- Tomato Plant

The late night info-commercial on the Topsy Turvy planter gave consumers the
courage to hang their tomato plants upside down. Through the ad blitz, millions of planters were sold online and in box stores.
We now have a product that can be sold planted and ready to go; things that are a customer for our younger customers. Introducing the Down Under Tomato Growing System; similar to the original in concept and benefits, yet vastly improved. The planter bag is coated on the inside to prevent moisture loss and made of UV resistant material. The planter and hangers are strong enough to hold up in weather and support the weight of a bumper crop.

Plants are grown in the traditional manner with the plants placed in a hole in the bottom of the planter. After they are rooted and have gained some size, we will ship in a flat with the plants growing upright to your location. Once they arrive, turn the planter over, unfold the hangers and hang so the plant is up side down to show your customers how it works. Hang some and keep some on the bench for an easy grab-and-go for your customer.

This vegetable growing system has been used in Australia with great success. It is an ideal way to grow fresh vegetables in any spot that gets ½ day or more sun. Hang the bag on your deck or patio or even from your favorite tree. It’s great for apartment balconies or any other place that has limited space. It is a great way to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers and other vegetables.