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The Wallflower That Gets Noticed

The humble wallflower has long been on the sidelines of the spring garden
– outshone by gaudier, ephemeral flowers that vied for attention. Perennial wallflowers in particular were tough, but usually with small, drab lilac or yellow flowers.

The breeder’s dream at Cultivaris was to take these durable, but inconspicuous plants and introduce the flower size and bright colors of annual/biennial seed varieties. An intensive breeding program was started, and the results are phenomenal: bushy, well-branched plants with healthy foliage and a non-stop display of beautiful flower spikes from late winter through to early summer. The individual flowers are large and showy, in a broad range of vibrant colors – sometimes even changing color while maturing. Some of the varieties have a sweet scent reminiscent of honey. These modern varieties are sterile and keep flowering for months on end – right up until early summer.