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Trend Alert: Keeping Up With The Edible Invasion

A national Nursery and Garden Center study showed that vegetable
gardening took the lead over flowers for the first time in history. According to the 2009 Edibles Gardening Trends Research Report conducted by the Garden Writers Association Foundation (GWAF) 7.7 million households were new to edible gardens and 1/3 of experienced vegetable gardeners say they will spend more on their garden this year. In addition to adding Burpee vegetables, Armstrong Growers has increased our USDA certified Organiks program to keep up with this trend.

Resorts can capitalize on the edible trend too. An herb and vegetable garden near a restaurant will add ambiance and make guest feel good that the resort is growing their own herbs and vegetables. Don’t discount edible gardens can be visually appeal. Armstrong Growers has plantable towers, living walls planting systems and above ground self-watering Earth Boxes to help make this possible.