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  • Extreme Heat Idea #2

    Light Conditions: Full sun

    Theme: In this bed, colors will change gradually from one color to the next by planting a mix of each where the two colors meet. Last year we used hybrid geraniums but this year we will use our Starla Pentas! This bed will go through 4 transitions of color from south to north. The transition from one color to the next will be done gradually by mixing the two colors at the change point. The 4 colors of Starla Pentas are as follows: at the south end of this bed we will plant Starla Red in approximately ¼ of the bed, BUT allow space for the transition to the next color. The next color to the north will be Starla Lavender, then Starla Pink, and in the northern most ¼ of this long bed will be Starla White.

    Cultivars: (1) Pentas Starla Red, Starla Lavender, Starla Pink and Starla White—plant starting with the red at the south end of the bed, then moving north, plant lavender , then pink and in the north end, white. Each color segment should take up approximately ¼ of the bed, BUT allow a transition area between colors where a 50%--50% mix of the two colors is used.

    Spacing: (1) Plant Pentas Starla on 8″ centers.