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    This is such a huge category for us it deserves a place as program all to its self. We produce a full line of zonal and ivy geranium. Basket types, novelty colors, scented, and some just for the foliage color are included.

    To bring you the best geraniums in the market, Armstrong Growers has partnered with the world famous Ecke Ranch as our primary source for quality genetics. Working together we have selected the strongest performing varieties for the different climates we serve, striving to meet the needs of all our customers. All plants are grown from vegetative cuttings because they are larger and more robust for more show using fewer plants. Flowers are large and usually “double” (twice as many petals) for showier blooms than seed geraniums provide. Best of all, these geraniums have been field tested to assure long lasting color with minimal maintenance.

    While the Ecke partnership has proven to be the best source for great geraniums, we do bring in other lines to test against the best Ecke has. Most of the time we have the best variety selected, occasionally a few better colors or plants beat out our choice. These plants are also included into our program to ensure you get the best of the best.

    Calliope Red could be the best hanging basket geranium on the market. Development of Goldsmith’s interspecific geranium breeding has brought forth the Calliope series of hybrid geraniums. They are the result of many years of refining ivy-zonal crosses to bring together the best features of each type and establish a new premium geranium class. Calliope offers a vivid red flower with tremendous branching characteristics. Due to the spreading nature of Calliope we will only offer this in Hanging Baskets and 1 gallon pots. The next test for this geranium is in the landscape. We will keep you posted.

    Innovation for the Landscaper
    Armstrong Growers introduced Plant Bullets to the landscape trade. Plant Bullets are a specially formulated soil mix wrapped in a bio-degradable net pot and grown in a tray that allows roots to be air pruned. We have found Geraniums greatly benefit from this unique growing system. Air pruned roots rapidly split and build an uninterrupted web of carbohydrate packed roots that take off when placed in flower beds. 30% of our Geraniums are in Plant Bullets. With Armstrong customers reporting labor savings and incredible even growth, we continue to grow most of the landscape Geraniums as Plant Bullets. Ask for your next installation to be in Plant Bullets.

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