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Delivery Zones & Pricing

Armstrong Growers is proud to regularly serve California, Arizona Nevada and Utah. Seasonal orders are shipped to other western states by request.


The Three Climate Advantage
We understand that within our service area there are many microclimates with varying needs. Few growers are capable of selling to such a diverse area. Our three strategically placed growing facilities allow us to be ready for each market we serve.


Desert Southwest
This hot, dry, cold and windy area needs hardy plants that bloom before the traditional season officially hits. We conduct "toast tests" at our desert growing facility to ensure our plants can withstand this climate of extremes.


Hardy plants that can withstand the cold are a must for this snowy region. In addition to our extensive line of perennials we can extend our cool season bedding crops by growing them along the coast of Southern California.


Coastal Valleys and Beaches
The plant possibilities in this easy-living climate are nearly endless. We have thousands of plants that will flourish in this environment. Traditional spring "musts" include fuchsias and impatiens while fall and winter demand cyclamen and pansies.


Inland Valleys
This somewhat variable growing environment can include intense heat and frost. We choose the most durable genetics available to ensure garden success.


Bay Area
This region resembles the coastal valleys but has more moisture with a shorter retail selling season. We plan to have the large quantities you need at the precise time.














We service all areas shown in green. Delivery charges vary by location.