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    Armstrong is known for high quality Poinsettia’s. In a market where cheap fast turn poinsettia plants are the norm, Armstrong refuses to force out an inferior product.

    Our growers take no shortcuts:

    • Proven varieties that meet the high end retail and decorators needs

    • Staged growing of crops to keep plants fresh through the season

    • Premium Danish Peat soil mixes

    • Full size pots to hold more water and nutrients

    • Most of our plants are spaced mutable times so we can build that vase shaped plant with strong stems

    • Final spacing is generous to allow good air flow and lower leaf development

    • Longer crops times are chosen instead of the fast turn method other growers use

    • The last touch is our special cool down finish that toughens up our plants for the real world

    This is one of the most demanding crops in horticulture and we know many things can go wrong. Our customers understand we hit the mark each season.

    Dependability is as important to us as quality.

    While red is by far the most requested, we are asked to grow many novelty colors and forms.

    This pursuit to grow more than just red has retailers turning to us for the variety that sets them apart as a holiday destination. Resorts, Malls and Hotels look to us for shapes and colors that make their show something to remember.

    The Ecke Ranch and Ecke name are legendary. The Ecke family is responsible for the poinsettia becoming The Christmas flower. Ecke chose Armstrong Growers to take over their long established finish growing so they can concentrate on the young plant production and the fine breeding they are known for. ( press release link) Armstrong has grown the Ecke Style Poinsettia for many years so it was a great fit to help continue on their tradition. We are honored to now work side by side with Ecke in our greenhouses. This relationship has the benefit of new fruit from Ecke’s breeding. We are offered the best new colors and improvements before anyone else. This has allowed us to offer the same to our customers as well.

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