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    Proven Winners works with plant breeders around the globe to bring you the most cutting edge and innovative plants for your business. The goals of Proven Winners are to introduce the best, most unique and highest performing plants. We at Armstrong Growers work with PW to chose the best items for our area and agree they have one of the best selections in the horticulture industry. You will find most PROVEN WINNER (PW) items in our 1 gallon category. The majority of our hanging baskets also have their plants in the mix.

    In terms of innovative marketing, Proven Winners has created a consumer plant brand that means value to home gardeners. Some groundbreaking marketing programs from Proven Winners include the industry's only Certification program for garden centers across North America; TV advertising on major networks; the industry's only on-line photo library, a plant selection and promotion partnership with Country Living magazine.

    Our friends at Proven Winners occasionally let us have an early introduction to share with the Independent Garden Centers and are always generous with plants for us to test in our research garden. They also have a new line of plants just for commercial landscapes. All PW plants are available for contract grow.

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