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Retail Programs

An overview, with photos of our different programs for retailers

  • Trees and Shrubs

    Our focus has been on the most unique Mediterranean type or Desert type plants. These are the thrilling accents to mix with our color. We are now growing some good solid work horse shrubs and best selling retail items as well.

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  • Standard Bedding Color

    Growing the best genetics tested in our research gardens we offer plants grown for landscape performance. We contract grow almost any variety with a standard list that is more extensive then most growers.

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  • Roses

    While some roses have fallen out of favor others have made great gains in the last few years. Our company has a long history in growing and developing roses. We now offer the best from the past and all of the exciting new landscape types.

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  • Poinsettia

    From traditional red to the white on red blaze of ‘Ice Punch’, our poinsettia line is one of the most comprehensive in the business and among the highest quality. When we say our poinsettia last and last and last, we say it because it is a fact!

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  • Mini Color Line

    Plant collections of mini or dwarf varieties have long been popular in Europe and other over-seas markets. Our 2in collection features seasonal color of a smaller stature.

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  • Succulents

    With water saving top of mind in the west, we have assembled an incredible collection succulents, agaves and cactus like plants that help continue the popularity of this group of plants with home owners and landscapers.

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  • Seasonal Specialty Color

    Our seasonal bedding programs include stately cyclamen, jewel-toned gerbera, and the rowdy color of Ranunculus. These plants herald the changing season’s colorful displays.

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  • Proven Winners

    Proven year after year, PW has some of the best new introductions and tried and true favorites. Available in one-gallons, our Proven Winner program offers large, landscape ready plants of some of the industries best horticultural innovations.

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  • Monrovia Landscape Service

    Landscapers, Designers and Resorts now have a convenient way to get small fill in orders or large landscape jobs from the premier grower of shrubs and trees.

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  • Lawn Alternative And Substitutes

    Our first product in this category is UC Verde Buffalograss. It produces a dense bright green turf

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