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Retail Programs

An overview, with photos of our different programs for retailers

  • Interior Foliage

    A combination of growing and brokering house plants for our garden center chain has produced a system to purchase almost any interior plant available. This service is offered to Armstrong Advantage Members.

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  • Green Roofs and Living Walls

    Bright Green and Armstrong Growers are offering the most innovative system for greening the public arena. Now even home owners can afford to have walls of living art.

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  • Geranium

    Working with Ecke Geraniums and Oglevee genetics we have designed best geranium program in the west. We grow stunning variegated types, long lasting Blizzard Ivies and the new Calliope Red

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  • Fabulous Flowers and Foliage

    Looking for the perfect plant for a specific spot? FFF offers a perennial line of trialed and tested plants suited for your region. Trusted favorites and cutting-edge new genetics are available and ready to work for you!

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  • Biggie Baskets

    Named after Jack Bigej, pronounced “Biggie” this ingenious planting system has been proven in retail and city streets all over the northwest.

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  • Hotbiscus

    Hotbiscus flowers come in colors and color combinations so startling that we had to create a name other than hibiscus. Take this dazzling color array and couple it with large dinner plate-sized flowers to create the ultimate flower show.

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  • Grasses and Daylily

    Graceful grasses and gorgeous Daylily fill the landscape with color and motion. Our selections continue to change each year as we seek the best colors and newest forms for the landscape.

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  • Floral Color

    Interiorscapes, gift, and personal enjoyment are elements we think about when creating our floral lines. Not only are we thinking of our customers needs, we are also trying to find plants that will improve upon their previous experiences and expectations

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  • California, Arizona, Nevada Bloomers

    The Bloomer program is our premium cutting grown line of annuals. Varieties are chosen from the best breeders and then customized for each market we serve.

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  • Organiks Vegetables And Herbs

    Organiks™ has the top-selling, USDA certified organic herb, vegetable, and ornamental plants we know you want —heirlooms, culinary favorites, even herbs for health and beauty.

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