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    In 1889, when John Armstrong stepped off the train in Ontario, California little did he realize that he was beginning a journey that would make his name synonymous with roses around the world. Our rose growing continues with many exclusives and all the new varieties from other well know rose companies.

    All plants are grown in 5 gallon pots. Pre –orders are recommended as popular varieties sell out quickly in the spring.

    Meet the Burgs
    California’s most popular rose
    Not many plants can boast continual blooms, sweet fragrance and disease-resistant foliage. Well, Iceberg roses can! Here’s why Iceberg is California’s most popular rose:
    • Hardy blooms last for days
    • Nearly thornless
    • Loves the heat! Flourishes during hot months
    • Rich rose fragrance
    • Long-lasting cut flowers
    • Compatible with many climates and soil types
    • Easy to maintain
    • Abundant blooms from spring to fall
    • Resistant to disease; beautiful glossy foliage
    • Very adaptable; prune to keep 3 to 4 feet tall, or up to 7 feet

    Three Great Colors
    • White: Crisp, creamy blooms look dazzling next to glossy, emerald foliage.
    • Pink: Various shades of pink petals that have a watercolor effect.
    • Burgundy: Deep burgundy blooms make a rich, lavish display.

    Variety of Uses
    Versatility allows you to get creative when landscaping with Iceberg roses.
    • Decorative blooms and lustrous foliage is a splendid variation.
    • Thrives in pots. Wonderful accent for porches, balconies and patios.
    • Makes a magnificent groundcover.
    • Stunning planted as a hedge—prune to keep

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