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    Seasonal crops are those that perform during certain seasons.

    In our quest for the best Gerbera Daisy, we have nixed selections with short stems and smaller flowers. We are looking for the elusive Gerbera, which boast large flowers on tall stems well above the foliage. While this may seem simple, we cannot count the selections we have trialed that came up “short”. However, we feel confident that our Gerberas stand up above the rest. To increase their flower-power, we also grow them in our Premium Danish peat moss.

    If one plant has taken off in popularity more than others have, it would have to be Cyclamen. What spends its summer months as a dormant corm, burst into dainty silver-scrollwork foliage with bright flame-like flowers held above. However, the delicate look is deceiving and Cyclamen also have outstanding landscape performance.

    Primula brings a punch of color to cool-season landscapes and is best planted in masses. This season, we are introducing the Supernova series to our English Primula line. Supernova features earlier blooming flowers held slightly above the foliage.

    Ranunculus season begins in late December and ends in April. Large double or triple ruffled buttercup-like flowers capture the imagination in a series of glorious colors. Those that have seen the Carlsbad Ranunculus FlowerFields, know the colorful impact these plants can make.

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