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    This is where we started and is still our number one category. All our bedding color in tested in our trial gardens in the desert for heat tolerance and along the coast for flowers, shape, disease resistance and overall landscape performance. We are the only grower putting their plants through this amount of testing. After the proving we add them to our list. Plant breeders like to give us new plants to try. We have some very close relationships and often get new items to our customers before anyone else.

    Most growers cram their plants into “six pack” flats of 48 or 54 to save on shipping. Armstrong has stayed with the proven space of 36 plants per flat; this is the real jumbo pack. Our landscape customer’s know this flat will allow for better plant development and less replacements after planting. Retailers can offer something not found in a Box Store and experience longer shelf life.

    Resisting the “cheater pot” 4” we use a true 4” deep pot with extra soil on all 4” we grow. This takes our 4” a bit longer to grow and fill out, but the quality is hard to beat.

    Experienced landscape installers know the value of using 4” over packs. Especially those “cram packs”. They let the grower build a bigger better plant at the nursery instead of babying along plants at the installation site. Knowing most outdoor planting beds need soil amendments to keep them performing, the other great benefit from 4” is the amount of quality growers soil you are adding each time you plant. One of our customers once said “I am not just buying a plant I am improving my beds with your soil” It makes sense!

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